Liu Guangchao

Director of the Law Firm

Director of DOCVIT Law Firm, he graduated from Peking University, and is the Director of Chinese Economists 50 Forum, Director of Market Economics Society of the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC, specially-invited proposer of People’s Government of Beijing, legal adviser of People’s Government of Chaoyang District, representative of NPC of Chaoyang District, as well as Director of All China Lawyers Association, Director of Beijing Lawyers Association and Vice Chairman of Chaoyang Lawyers Association.

Director Of Speech

365bet娱We want to become an ideal, respectable and sustainable law firm. We don’t rigidly adhere to traditional operating mode, but selects the corporatization?management at?the beginning of the establishment. After the monopoly of the state-owned law?firm and rising of partnership law firm, China’s lawyer industry faces?the task of optimization of organizational form and operating mechanism, so we begin to explore the new management mechanism and operating mechanism of law firm, bravely introduce the corporatization?management mechanism, operate the law firm according to the market rules, and strive to realize the property right corporatization?operating marketization, product standardization, service brandization and development industrialization. We sincerely believe that it is the development direction of lawyer industry, and sticks to it. We hope to score an?achievement in the road of demutualization of law firm, and strive to make contributions to lawyer industry. Likewise, only if we select the demutualization management, can we have service teamship, business professionalization and operating normalization, and provide stable, continuous and high-quality services?for numerous clients.

We are also changing, and after the area of professional best quality law firm, DOCVIT has stepped into the scale development stage, but we don’t return to “Tiger Balm” lawyer, and don’t reduce the business specification, but we still locate in serving for the capital and project, and devote to scale brand law firm of high-end legal affair, pre-analysis?legal service?and strategic legal service?We think that the professionalization can be duplicated, and the scale is truly meaningful and competitive based on professionalization. Therefore, we emphasize on perfecting professionalization, advocate and standardize the cooperation between different professions. Exactly because of this, taking the skilled financial and capital market as the basis and template,?we gradually expand the professional field to the real estate and infrastructure, international investment and international engineering, energy and environmental protection,?intellectual property?and other fields. We believe that it is the virtuous cycle situation and necessary development path?of the law firm.

We never forget the professional ethics and social responsibility of lawyers, and we always place the principle of respecting the professional ethics and sticking to the social responsibility in the first place. The lawyer?always?represents the interested party and are at the center?of contradiction, at this moment, we always stick to the professional ethics, and never are?controlled by benefits, utilized by force and affected by undeserved reputation. Meanwhile, we never give up the social responsibility for promoting harmony, guaranteeing stabilization and relieving contradiction. Because we think that the lawyer is not only an occupation and cause, but also a belief and responsibility.

We never?defend tenaciously our?own benefits, but associate our development with your development, demands?and benefits?from thought to behavior. Your selection represents your trust and support, and the best way to return you is that we will understand your demands?as best as possible, realize your wishes, and maintain your benefits.?“Yes, we are together” is not only our internal declaration, but also our constant commitment to you.

Yes, we are together!?